Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It seems at this time of year, I start thinking about the freedom I enjoy and all the blessings I have in my life. I know you are supposed to do that at Thanksgiving, but I do it in July too! I've been going over in my head the blessings I have and wondering how often I take them for granted. I know that I take my freedoms for granted. However much I appreciate the country I live in and the rights and privileges it affords me, I'm sure that I don't do all I can to take advantage of those rights. I certainly am grateful that I am able to worship how, who and where I want. Without this specific freedom, I wouldn't care about the other ones. So I want to say thank you to those that have gone before and those that will go ahead. The ones that make all the sacrifices so that I can live the way I want.

I heard the saying "Nothing is worth more than this day". I love that. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday or what you think will happen tomorrow. Today is the only day that you can truly do anything about. I hope that in the future I will make the most of my todays so that I won't regret my yesterdays and so that I will look forward to my tomorrows.

I decided that I wanted to start recording my daily blessings, because I find that they are different every day. So, with that in mind, here are just a few of the things that I am grateful for today......
* happiness
* cars that run (even though they don't have air conditioning!)
* clean socks
* sunshine
* cell phones
* laughter
* family
* friends
* milk (aaaaah!)
* good doctors
* DSL (finally!!)
* chick flicks
* my loving Heavenly Father

I hope that in being more conscious of my daily blessings, I will learn to appreciate them more so that tomorrow I won't have any regrets about today.


  1. I like this post! Guess what... one of my favorite blessings is YOU!! Love you and I'm excited to see you this weekend. Matt and I will be hanging out with you all of Saturday :)