Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ever have one of those days when you just feel sad for no particular reason? I sure hope so - hope I'm not the only one!! Today is definitely one of those days. I know it's wierd writing about this particular thing after a long 2 year hiatus from blogging, but maybe I just need to say it out loud and it will go away.....?

Right now, in this moment in time, I feel like I'm definitely in a rut, I guess you would call it. My kids are all growing up and moving on and today I'm really missing them for some reason. I'm feeling.......oh I don't know........un-needed maybe? Strange I know, because generally I feel like I live a very fulfilling life. I'm happy with my life, my family, pretty much everything. I wish I could explain it better. I am excited because I get to spend the next few days in Orem nursing my daughter Mallory back to health. She's getting her tonsils out (ouch!). But I'm already missing everyone at home - AND I HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT YET!!! Yeah I'm wierd I know.

I have things planned, and I keep very busy, but today something is missing. Wish I knew what it was....................

End of complaint. Thanks for listening.

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